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If you’re an investor or simply a home owner in Marbella who is looking to sell a certain property you will want to do so in the best of terms. What this means is that you will be wanting to get the maximum possible amount of money for that property. The answer to getting there is not asking a lot for your property but by preparing the property so it is in tip top selling condition. There are certain ways to maximize the price with very little hassle.

If you don’t have the time or the knowledge to prepare a property for sale you can outsource this task to real estate companies. Most companies have dedicated buying processes which will take most of the stress out of the whole thing. Also most of them sell something called after sale services. However in this case the seller, you, can use some of those services as pre-sales in order to raise the value.

Whatever the case may be, if you decide to enlist a real estate company or go DIY here are some things you should be aware of.


The price is very important for the selling process as it can either seal the deal or harm the process. What this means is that the correct price will help sell your property faster. Low prices will also do that, however it will mean less money for you. High prices will harm the overall rating of the property on long term and will make the property un-sellable on short term. So coming up with the absolutely correct price is crucial to the process.

The listing price is a different thing. You should always add a little amount of money to the correct price in order to get the listing price. This will leave room for negotiations without you losing money. Also it has been shown that on a psychological level buyers will feel they are getting a winning deal if the price is lowered a bit, even though the end price is the correct one.

Market analysis.

This means sifting through tons and tons of data in order to see how the market looks like. First you need to compare similar property to yours in order to see what the price range is. Also what a good market analysis will tell you is what segment of people to target. This in turn will take you to the best places to list your property and connect with the desired buyers. Another thing you can get from a good market analysis is what improvement you can do in order to bump up the market value. This analysis is better conducted by an experienced real estate company who knows what to look for.


How the property looks and is presented is very important on the outcome. “You never have a second chance to make the first Impression”. Not only does it influence the selling price but it makes the property sellable or not. Here is a list of dos when preparing the property for presentation:

  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it uncluttered
  • Keep the color pattern consistent
  • Do not decorate with quirky, unusual pieces
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