Property Management

Maintain your property on the Costa del Sol.

“I have bought a property on the Costa del Sol as an Investment, as a holiday home or to enjoy my retirement in a few years. I want to make sure, somebody locally is looking after my investment and alerts me in case of an urgent situation ore something unexpected!

To cover my cost, I rent it out either to my family and friends only ore to an open audience short term. Unfortunately, it is not easy at all to find people or a company of confidence to manage my property.

I don’t ask for too much. All I need is:

  • Weekly inspection of my property.
    • Check all utilities, power and electrical equipment.
    • Call and alert me in urgent cases and organize repairs if needed.
    • Manage keys and the Inventory when people arriving or leaving.
    • Manage tenant deposit for cleaning and damages.
    • Clean- and prepare the property for me / my guests when they arrive.
    • Assist in rental procurement and all related service
  • I want one single point of contact I can rely on for all services.

If I can find people, they can offer these services and have confidence, I would contract them immediately”

Does this sound familiar to you?

If you are convinced, we have the right attitude and we can deliver the best services to you and you trust us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Any property you own on the Costa del Sol, make sure it´s looked after when you are away.

  • Most of the problem´s or inconvenience is caused by not managing a property.
  • Make sure your property is in a perfect condition while you are away.
  • Simple tasks like:
    • Frequent inspection of the property, either weekly or be-weekly.
    • Open windows and let the air flow.
    • Check appliances, if they are switched off.
    • Check windows and doors if they are looked correctly.
    • Check irrigation system and plants if you have.
    • Check drain pipes on the terrace especially on terraces.

This will make a big difference to you live, because your investment is looked after, and you will not have surprises when you arrive to enjoy your stay.



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