Property Management

Does this sounds familiar to you?

“I have bought a property in Marbella as an Investment. To cover my cost, I rent it out during the best seasonal weeks. I also want to make sure somebody is looking after my investment and alerts me if something is out of the normal range. Unfortunately it is not easy at all to find trustful people theycan look after my property.

I don’t need a big management company to do this job. I need somebody who is doing this for me with enthusiasm and likes to do this job with pleasure because he / she is motivated like he / she is doing it in their home.

I don’t ask for too much. All I need is:

  • Weekly inspection of my property
  • Manage the keys and the Inventory when people arrive or leave
  • Manage tenant deposit in case of damages
  • Check all utilities, power and electrical equipment
  • Clean- and prepare the property for my guests
  • Call and alert me in urgent cases and organize to repairs if needed
  • Assist in rental procurement and all related service

If I would find people they can offer this and I can trust them I would contract them immediately”

This is exactly what we do for our clients. If you are convinced we have the right attitude, do not hesitate to talk to us as many other of our happy clients did.

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